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The Game

It was this week that I realized the word racism was considered an insult and was one of those words that the media blurs out. This talk of racism is brought back to the lime light because an American actress married a British prince and televised their experience the last few years. Life can be so complicated sometimes even for the rich and famous. It is interesting how family problems are experienced by all families. We hold them up on a pedestal and ask their advice on issues and we take their advice as gospel but the truth is no matter your status in life we deal with very similar problems deep down.

We all go home to family members that don’t like us and vise versa. We all have to choose loyalties. Yes the things said and done to us wound and hurt and damage us, but we still have to make the hard decisions that come with choosing where to lay our heads. Who to keep and who to throw away. It’s quite the balance. Hard balance.

I have chosen to separate myself from people I cannot fully express myself to. If I have to hold back a part of myself around you I have learned that the beauty of being an adult is that I can choose my company. It’s hard to love people who do not see the issues that affect you. Their problematic way but I was once taught that beggars can’t be choosers. If you are financially dependent on someone there are things you cannot say or do. Because to say that anything will dry up your well. It is the game you have to play and most of us are lucky that we do not have cameras on us 24/7 worrying about what we eat or drink or who’s dating us and how and why are we not getting along.

A lot of people say it’s the price they pay for fame and money but is it worth it? Does it make it okay? People have lost their art, lives and so much more. They come on television and say I am losing my mind. I need privacy and we still don’t learn. This obsession has watered down art. I was watching this comedian Brad Upton talk about how music today says things like “honey gotta booty like pow pow pow” while saying the same thing back in the day someone named George Harris said “something in the way she moves attracts me like no other lover.”

Art and creativity are subjective and could be interpreted and or misinterpreted, either way there was one version of the song. Today you write the original and the clean version. Maybe artists today make money like it grows on trees but at the expense of long careers. I understand self expression but what are you expressing? Do you speak for yourself or your generation? Will this song age well? People had morals and standards and today those morals and standards are thrown and mixed in agendas. I’m not me saying that the old days were better than the new because no, we live in a better world. Technologically especially. What I am saying is that we have thrown out the baby with bathwater.

It’s not too much to ask for privacy of these celebrities and as much as I like the gossip and all of it is very entertaining, I understand the difference between wanting privacy and intrusion. But if someone is going to bring art into the world there is criticism and take the criticism with the praise. Many people are quick to criticize but lack the ability to take it like they dish and that is a problem. You lack self reflection is #problematic.

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